Interactive Circus Arts Workshop

In this workshop, a variety of circus skills are broken down and made easy to approach by an expert circus artist and instructor. The skills range from juggling & manipulation to acrobatics, comedy, and performance. The workshop is highly customizable and can be adapted for participants of any age, skill level, and aptitude. Participants take away a solid foundation in one or two skills through hands-on experimentation and play.


Atmospheric Entertainment

Looking for a way to create a more exciting atmosphere at your event? Atmospheric entertainment features circus artists providing a living background at events, mingling and entertaining small groups at a time. Having a professional in full costume wandering around on stilts, or hanging from the ceiling performing an aerial dance immediately transforms an event and gets your guests excited and talking. A variety of skills, artists, and costumes are available.


Feature Performance

A fast-paced and engaging combination of acrobatics, juggling, comedy and unicycling. Hundreds of audiences around the world have been captivated by Andrew’s unique synthesis of contemporary, cirque-style acts set to music, blended with comedy, and true stories from his life in a travelling circus. Filled with exciting tricks and incredible skills, this performance will leave people talking. Take the journey, and experience the mysterious and enticing world of circus in this fun, dynamic and accessible performance. Performances range between 15-60 minutes.


Mental Health Presentation

This 45-minute school presentation is a powerful, interactive experience in which students are given a deeper understanding of mental health. The presenter is a professionally trained circus artist who has struggled with a crippling anxiety disorder and shares his story of overcoming the anxiety to perform for thousands. The presentation is fast-paced and dynamic, featuring audience participation, juggling, acrobatics, and jaw-dropping feats. Most importantly, it conveys a crucial message that cuts to the heart of the subject, and provides students and staff with the tools they need to stay in good health and to support those in their lives who are struggling.
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