Circus is the medium through which we are able to connect with our students. Circus is a universal cultural force that is present in some form in all societies across the world. It unites us in a positive and diverse exploration of the unknown. It is universally appealing in that it is founded in the spectacular – you can’t help but watch as the circus artist performs feats that seemed impossible only moments ago.

Circus allows us to engage youth in a conversation about what it means to grow as a human being. It provides a tangible example of what a person can be capable of when they apply their focus and belief, and go through the hard work of practice. It is something that can easily be shared and helps kids to feel that they are worth celebrating. And through celebration, they open up and become so much more than they were.

Circus, to us, isn’t about a tent or animals, or clowns with scary make-up: it’s about coming together to see what we’re all capable of as individuals and as a community. It is a reason to celebrate who we are and move forward together in celebration. Help us to re-define circus into something incredible, rather than something derogatory.

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Date : 25 Dec 2014

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