It has been said that, in our age of an over-abundance of information, the factor that will distinguish the successful from the not-so-successful is the effective use of attention. There are so many things that vie for a child’s attention every day. Not the least of which is very cleverly designed, engaging electronic stimulus, which is spending more and more time in children’s hands, and taking more and more of their attention.

Our programs give youth an appealing set of activities in which they can practice honing their attention. To succeed in the challenges we put before them, a child is required to block out distractions and concentrate intently on how to integrate mind and body to achieve the trick. Parents and teachers often can’t believe how well their children are able to concentrate in our workshops. It can seem like something of a miracle when the child who normally can’t sit still in the classroom, or even through a meal at home, is able to achieve a razor-sharp focus and work toward a goal that is several steps away.

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Date : 25 Dec 2014

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