Rather than structure our activities as a competition, we love to see the beautiful fruits that come from collaboration. The world of circus is only possible when people can come together to support each other through the sharing of experience and encouragement.

Our workshops acknowledge the necessary interdependence of being human. Every aspect of our lives is only possible because hundreds or thousands of people have come together to build the buildings we live and work in, to bring us food from around the world, to design, build, and transport every piece of equipment we use every day.

Competition can have the effect of shutting children down, especially those who experience anxiety related to being judged or evaluated (which is a deep fear for almost everyone). And when a child shuts down, no one will ever know what great accomplishments they may have been capable of. In our experience, everyone has something valuable to share, and our job is to bring people together in the right atmosphere to allow everyone to shine together. Together, everyone can achieve more.

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Date : 25 Dec 2014

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