Self-esteem and confidence are linked closely with capabilities. When a person expands their capabilities, they also expand their concept of themselves, and achieve a greater depth of understanding. Especially in kids, feelings of self-worth come directly from things they are able to do, almost as if their capabilities are tangible proof of their value.

Circus arts represent a variety of disciplines through which a person can grow their capabilities, and through these arts, grow themselves. Whatever the inclination of a child, whether it is toward difficult physical skills such as juggling or balancing, or expressive skills such as clowning and comedy, the circus world provides an opportunity for challenge and growth in a supportive atmosphere.

One of the great parts of being human, in our opinion, is the nearly infinite capabilities that are present in all of us. If you’ve ever seen a good circus show, you will have experienced the amazement, and that unique moment of magic, where you said to yourself “Wow! I never knew that was possible…” This is the frontier that circus represents to us and to our students. The act of expanding one’s capabilities involves living in that magical place where you truly don’t know what is possible and what is not. And with the joy of play, circus allows us to celebrate the exploration of that frontier.

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Date : 25 Dec 2014

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