Our Purpose

To change the world by using circus arts to celebrate and expand our potential as human beings.

Our Goal

To build a model of education for our youth based on empowerment and celebration of each student’s own unique potential. We’d like to see a world where collaboration is preferred over competition, and each human being has a wealth of experience and support in personal growth.

Our Values

  • Each human being has a nearly infinite potential
  • Each person should preserve ownership over their own choices at all times
  • Each individual has a unique place in the world that needs to be respected and honoured, regardless of whether we see the value in it
  • Everyone is naturally inclined to grow in their own way, unless interfered with by others
  • To live a truly rich and full life, growth of self and contribution to community are necessary

Andrew Giordano

YCP-gellery025Andrew is a professionally trained circus artist with 10 years of experience performing and instructing circus arts. He has worked with students and audiences of all ages, and is constantly delighted by the amazing opportunities for human connection that are present in his work.

Earlier in his life, Andrew struggled with a severe anxiety disorder. It was a very difficult time that presented many challenges. Thankfully, a solution came in the unlikely form of a circus tent. While immersed in a sense of awe at the breath-taking performance of Cirque Du Soleil,  Andrew came to re-define his relationship to limitations and capabilities. The world of circus presented a new way to look at the meaning of being human – if those acrobats and other circus artists weren’t limited by gravity or difficulty, what does that mean for the rest of us?

Drawn toward this idea, Andrew was able to overcome his anxiety through years of hard and painstaking work. His anxiety was triggered by social situations and this made the prospect of performing especially terrifying. However, keeping the spectacular capabilities of circus artists central in his mind, Andrew was finally able to come to a place where the anxiety didn’t control his life.

Circus arts are now the oasis from which Andrew is able to share his inspiring message of what it means to be human. He uses circus arts as a medium for inspiring and empowering youth. “Circus allows us to playfully challenge our perceived limitations, and to engage in a deep and meaningful pursuit of personal growth. In celebration, we define ourselves by our successes rather than our limitations. It is a profound and positive way to engage the whole person: performer, audience, and community.”

Andrew is the Founder and Director of the Youth Circus Project. He graduated with Honours from the University of Guelph’s Psychology program and studied Circus Arts oversea at England’s Academy of Circus Arts. He was also the Head Coach of Guelph’s Circus Academy, and has performed unicycling, juggling, acrobatics, and comedy for over 1,000 audiences around the world.


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