Circus Workshops

Youth discover and celebrate their capabilities in a great environment with professional staff and a variety of skills.


Stage Performances and Atmospheric Entertainment for community events, weddings, birthday parties and more.

School Presentations

Our innovative and engaging presentations address important issues such as dealing with anxiety and mental illness.


Interactive workshops and entertainment to increase staff engagement at conferences & training days.

Learn As You Play


We are defined by our narratives, personally and culturally. Circus makes an excellent story. In it, we all get to discover our potential. We get to be heroes of acrobatics, dexterity, and comedy. Everyone is a star, no matter their ability level. Everyone is also the audience, revelling in the success of each other. And everyone is on the same team, stacking up in incredible human sculptures to reach thrilling new heights. United in the joy of play, circus artists bravely discover and inhabit the previously uncharted territory of their potential. They launch each other to orbit the stars to the thunderous applause of all in view.

– Andrew Giordano, Founder of the Youth Circus Project


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